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Sphatik Mala With Jap Bag Gaumukhi Natural Certified Original Crystal Quartz Agate Necklace Precious Gemstone Mala For Men Women Jaap Mala 108 Beads For Positive Energy Meditation

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Key Features

  • Natural Sphatik Crystal Quartz Japa Mala - This necklace features 108 + 1 beads of natural Sphatik (Crystal Quartz), this Mala necklace measures approximately 13 inches in length. The Crystal Quartz gemstones are known for their spirituality, revered for their ability to channel positive energy and elevate spiritual practice.
  • Versatile Size and Design - With a diameter of 7mm, each bead in this Sphatik Mala is sized for comfortable wear and smooth counting during mantra recitation. Its classic design and neutral color make it suitable for both men and women, enhancing the spiritual journey of individuals from all walks of life.
  • Complete Jaap Mala with Gaumukhi Japa Bag - This Mala comes with free Gomukhi Japa Bag, providing a convenient and portable solution for storing and carrying your Mala. The inclusion of the Japa Bag ensures that your Sphatik Mala remains protected and easily accessible for daily spiritual practice.
  • Positive Energy - Crystal Quartz is known for its ability to amplify energy and promote clarity of mind. By wearing this Sphatik Mala, individuals can experience heightened spiritual awareness, enhanced meditation sessions, and a greater sense of overall well-being.
  • Certified Original Gemstone - Each bead in this Sphatik Mala is certified as original Crystal Quartz, ensuring authenticity and quality. The genuine nature of the gemstones guarantees maximum efficacy in promoting healing and positivity.


Elevate your meditation practice with our Spathik Mala. Handmade with mountain crystal and 108 beads, this Sphatik Rosary brings clarity and focus to your spiritual journey. Its 7mm size makes it the perfect gift for her, while the clear quartz promotes mental clarity. Indulge in luxury and elevate your practice with our Spathik Mala.

Sphatik Mala: This Mala features 108 + 1 beads made of natural Sphatik (Crystal Quartz), each bead measuring 7mm in size. With a total length of 13 inches, this Mala is accompanied by a free Japa Mala bag, providing convenience and protection for your spiritual practice.

Each Package Contain : 1 Pcs mala with free jaap mala bag.

Material : Spathik Beads

Ideal For : Crystal Quartz, Gifts for Her, Meditation Mala, Sphatik Rosary, Handmade Mala, Mountain Crystal, Sphatika Mala, 108 Beads Mala, Clarity Necklace, Clear Quartz Mala, Hand Knotted Mala, Prayer Beads, Yoga Mala.

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