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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a wick?

A wick is used to draw liquid fuel (like oil or wax) up to the flame in a candle or lamp, allowing it to burn steadily.

What is the significance of wick in Hinduism?

A wick represents light, wisdom, and the eradication of ignorance in Hinduism. Utilized in religious ceremonies, especially during the aarti (light-filled ceremonial worship), it symbolizes enlightenment and the divine presence.

Where can I find wicks?

Get pure cow buffalo ghee wicks pack at LoveNspire?

Where can I use wicks?

From lighting religious diyas, samais to decorative rangolis, you can use our wicks wherever you want.

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Our Ghee Wick Collection brings together a variety of meticulously sourced and crafted wicks, each steeped in rich tradition and offering distinct benefits. Our range includes wicks made from both cow and buffalo milk ghee, renowned for their purity and the tranquil ambiance they create. Whether for daily pooja rituals or special ceremonies, these ghee wicks serve as essential items, enhancing spiritual connectivity and fostering a calming environment. Each wick is crafted with care, ensuring optimal burning time and a steady flame, augmenting your devotion and spiritual experience.