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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vishu festival celebrated for?

It marks the beginning of the traditional New Year in the Malayalam calendar and is observed in April. Vishu is celebrated to welcome the Hindu solar New Year and is considered auspicious for initiating new ventures and seeking blessings for prosperity and abundance.

Where is Vishu festival celebrated?

Vishu is a festival primarily celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala and in parts of coastal Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Which God is celebrated in the Vishu festival?

The main deity celebrated in the Vishu festival is Lord Krishna, particularly in the form of Vishnu or Vishnu-Krishna.

How can I decorate for the Vishu festival?

For Vishu festival decor, use vibrant flowers like marigolds, arrange a ceremonial Vishukkani display with auspicious items, place traditional lamps, create colorful rangolis or place rangoli sets, and decorate entrances with fresh coconut leaves.

Where can I find Vishu festival decor?

From decorative diyas, rangolis, samai, Lord Krishna backdrops to beautiful wall hangings, torans, artificial garlands, get everything at LoveNspire.

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The Vishu Festival, also known as the Malayalam New Year, is a vibrant and joyous celebration that marks the beginning of a new year in the Indian state of Kerala. Including Vishu Decor, Gifting & Pooja Items.