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Mangal Kalash / Shri Phal Collection

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mangal Kalash / Shri Phal?

Hindu rites and rituals use both the auspicious symbols Shri Phal and Mangal Kalash.

What is the significance of Mangal Kalash / Shri Phal?

Traditionally, the term "mangal kalash" refers to a water-filled decorative pot with mango leaves and a coconut on top, signifying success and abundance. Whereas "Shri Phal" refers to a ripe coconut that is decorated and offered as an offering in religious ceremonies, signifying auspiciousness and purity. Shri Phal is put on Mangal Kalash to bring in the blessings.

Where can I find Mangal Kalash / Shri Phal?

LoveNspire has beautiful mangal kalash and shri phal collection to select from.

Are there any special discounts available ?

Yes, we offer special discounts from time to time. Please keep an eye on our website for any announcements of such offers.

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Mangal Kalash / Shri Phal collection from LoveNspire | USA

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