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Frequently Asked Questions

What is German silver?

German silver, sometimes referred to as nickel silver, is an alloy of metal mainly made of zinc, nickel, and copper. Despite its name, it doesn't contain silver but resembles it in appearance. It's often used to create jewelry, musical instruments, cutlery, and decorative things.

How to identify German silver?

You can identify it by its lack of silver hallmarks and its slightly yellowish or grayish hue compared to real silver.

Is German silver more costly than silver?

German silver, also known as nickel silver, is less costly than pure silver.

Can we use German silver for pooja?

Yes, German silver can be used for pooja items as it resembles silver and is commonly used for making utensils and decorations for religious ceremonies.

Where can I find German silver pooja items and gifting options?

At LoveNspire, find nickel silver items from German silver pooja thali, incense burners, kum kum holders to silver gifting bowl sets, silver religious showpieces, and many more.

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Welcome to a page dedicated to the exquisite elegance and timeless craftsmanship of German silver items. Hand-picked items like Pooja Thali set | Statues | Gods | Gift Items Gifting Bowls | Incense Holders Ideal for as  Return gifts, Decor for any occasion and festival.