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Frequently Asked Questions

Is money envelope important?

Certainly! Gifting plain cash might not leave the desired impression on the recipient. Money presented in lovely envelopes can make for a perfect gift or token of appreciation.

Where can I find fabric shagun envelopes?

From beautiful fabric cash envelopes to their colorful asortment, get everything at LoveNspire.

How much time does it take to get my order ?

Within the USA : Our standard shipping takes 4-5 days, express shipping takes 2-3 days, and priority shipping takes 1-2 days.

Do you deliver on Sundays?

Yes, we provide Sunday delivery for certain services in the USA. We ship from Michigan via USPS / Fedex / UPS. For more information about Sunday delivery options, please check our Shipping & Delivery page.

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Gifting envelopes are an integral part of Indian wedding culture, as they are used to present gifts to the newlyweds and their families. These envelopes are designed in various styles, patterns, and colors, depending on the preferences of the giver and the current trends.

Some of the popular designs and trends for gifting envelopes in Indian weddings include:

Traditional motifs such as peacock feathers, lotus flowers, paisley designs, and intricate mehndi patterns.

Vibrant colors such as red, gold, and green, which are considered auspicious and symbolize prosperity and happiness.

Overall, gifting envelopes in Indian weddings serve as a reflection of the couple's personality and taste, as well as a symbol of love and good wishes for their new journey together.