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Traditional Indian Home Decor to Add Ethnic Elegance to Your Home

Purchase traditional Indian home decor

Handmade Indian home decorations are the latest trend these days. Traditional home decor adorned with Indian handicraft products is what many people are looking for. You can purchase traditional Indian home decor that can add the perfect combination of antique and modern art to any space. Let us see some of the options available for traditional Indian home decor.


You can purchase traditional Indian home decor from an exquisite collection of Brass Diya Samai. These are beautifully crafted to add a touch of elegance to your home decorations. They are perfect for lighting during religious ceremonies or as decorative pieces to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your home. Diya's and Samai are used for lighting lamps using cotton wicks and make an integral part of the tradition to start all auspicious events to create a spiritual atmosphere.

Brass Diya oil lamps are considered a symbol of positive energy and are widely used for decoration purposes like kitchen bedrooms, dining rooms, and home decoration. They also have religious importance in India as they serve as the main decoration for the Diwali celebration. You can go for designs like metal lotus flowers, which can be perfect as a metal antique for home decor or traditional oil diyas. Flower design diyas are also ideal for Thanksgiving gifts, easter gifts, anniversary gifts, weddings, and birthday gifts.  

Wall Frames Home Decor Collection

Ethnic wall frame designs can bring a touch of traditional Indian charm to your home. These frames are created with careful attention to detail, using premium materials, and showcase intricate designs incorporated with the essence of Indian culture. You can get a wide range of frames with unique styles and designs.

You can choose the perfect one that compliments your existing decor or creates a stunning focal point in your room. These can be great additions to your home decors, whether you are looking to add a cherished family photo, add a touch of elegance to your Pooja room, or use it as wedding decor.


Handmade Urli with solid brass construction can bring a truly authentic Indian touch to your home. They can be used for some decor exhibits on walls, for entrances, offices, living rooms, stores, kitchens, Pooja rooms, guest rooms, hallways, restaurants, stairways, etc. They are best suited for spiritual decorative items for Diwali puja, housewarming gift items, home temples, decorations for Ganpati, Navratri, Lakshmi puja, and much more.

Indian Chime Hanging

These are backdrop hangings, which are popular decorations for various occasions and events and can add a touch of beauty to any space. You can get a wide range of backdrop hangings like Indian wedding decorations, Rajasthani style chimes, door hangings, Japanese wind chimes, brass wall string, Tibetan Bells, etc. The Rajasthani wall hanging can offer a beautiful and traditional touch to any space they are added in. These Indian backdrops are perfect for creating an elegant backdrop for traditional wedding ceremonies.   


Indian traditional home decor products offer you endless options to choose from. These are some of the timeless pieces you can add to your home decor to give it a unique and magnificent style.

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