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Interior Design Using Vastu Shastra: Advice for a Happy Home

Interior Design Using Vastu Shastra: Advice for a Happy Home

You might even engage a professional while planning your home makeover to get ideas from high-end interior magazines and websites. While doing so, one could frequently neglect the importance of Vastu Shastra in interior design. Vastu principles can enhance your paradise's happiness, prosperity, and richness by being included in your home's color scheme and design.

Most individuals look for new ideas and innovative concepts to transform the plain decor of their houses into something ultra-trendy as modernization progresses. They become enthralled by the most recent fashions and patterns and envision applying them to spruce up their residences. The delicate significance of right directions and object placement within a home's design, meanwhile, could be missed amid all the confusion. Indian Decor for home is inspired by Vastu Shashtra, and Indian home decor brings you closer to your culture and makes you warm and welcoming.

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian construction discipline, ensures that doesn't happen by offering useful advice on creating a steady flow of good energy in your home. According to Vastu, the incorrect orientation of rooms and the misplacement of furniture and decorative elements can annoy and disengage you by obstructing or confusing the flow of prana. It ensures that everything in your home is coordinated and well-designed to welcome good fortune, joy, health, wealth, harmony, and positive energy.

Indian Decor Items For Vastu Decoration To Have At Home

If you want to improve the aesthetics of your home, think about the Vastu-compliant design elements that will do it. Numerous decorative products with Vastu influences encourage harmony and joy, which enhances your general well-being. Here is a list of multiple aspects of house decor that are said to bring prosperity and luck.

At the Entrance, a Buddha

A Buddha statue at the front entryway is considered divine and auspicious, guarding your house against evil. For best results, keep in mind to position it facing east. Avoid setting it on the floor and keep the statue clean.

Vastu Artworks And Paintings

According to Vastu Shastra, some artworks are thought to influence your life and bring luck positively. You can hang artwork of a waterfall, goldfish, seven horses, and running water to attract more money and fortune. Put up paintings of endless straight roads and walkways to improve your employment prospects.

If your home doesn't contain any fire elements, you can hang paintings of candles in the morning. Additionally, it is recommended to retain paintings of flowers and birds to foster interpersonal interactions.

Fish Aquariums

Aquariums are known to breathe vitality into living rooms. Aquariums with fish are thought to balance many Doshas, according to Vastu. A few researchers claim that aquariums also aid in lowering high blood pressure, tension, and anxiety.

Wind Chimes

Although wind chimes are known to beautify house décor, these ornaments also promote joy, calm, and positivity. You can buy wooden wind chimes for the south, east, and southeast of your house or metal ones for the north, west, and northwest.

Elephant Figurines To Promote Prosperity And Wealth

Vastu Shastra, a revered architectural science in Hinduism, draws many of its rules from Hindu culture. Hinduism gives a great deal of importance to elephants. Elephant statues are considered one of the wealthiest Vastu decorative objects for the home and are one of the oldest Vastu ideas for your living room. Hindus believe placing a mammal at an entrance can bring prosperity and ward off negativity because mammals represent happiness, abundance, and positivity.

In Summary

You can employ the Vastu Shastra, an effective science, to help you attract luck, beauty, and money into your home. All you have to do when creating your interiors is adhere to the guidelines. Add some Vastu décor pieces to improve your home's tranquil mood.

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