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Top 5 Indian Housewarming Return Gifts

Top 5 Indian Housewarming Return Gifts

Indian housewarming ceremonies bring people together. Purchasing a house in the US is an achievement, but just because you are away from your nation does not mean you can’t invite your neighbors. Whether it’s an Indian or an American, everyone enjoys a heartwarming housewarming ceremony. It’s time for you to make a quick guest list.

While you are busy picking decor for the Indian housewarming, consider buying a few return gifts. You don’t want your guests to leave without a token of love and appreciation. We can suggest some housewarming return gifts in USA. Dive in to find out the top five picks!

#1 A Small Ganesha Idol

Lord Ganesha removes obstacles and is also the idol who protects you in the most difficult times. The Elephant God is not just magnificent, but he also looks beautiful with golden crowns and jewelry.

You may purchase Lord Ganesha's idol as a return gift. Your Indian friends would love it, and your American friends will be intrigued by the beauty of Lord Ganesha.

#2 Laxmi Idol: The Goddess of Wealth

Return gifts are a token of love and appreciation. What better gift than the idol of Goddess Laxmi? She is the goddess of wealth. People pray to her on Diwali, housewarming ceremonies, Laxmi pooja, Durga pooja, and other auspicious days.

Goddess Laxmi idol would be a great return gift. She brings good luck and wealth into people’s lives.

#3 Lord Ganesha Candle Holder

Lord Ganesha candle holder is also a famous gift option in India. When you light up the candle and turn off the lights, you can see the shadow of Lord Ganesha. It is a beautiful gift that your guests will use at home, too.

You can pack it up in an attractive and transparent packaging. And yes, it is easy to find it in an online store that sells Indian housewarming gifts.

#4 Peacock Tealight Candle Holder

Peacock is the national bird of India. It’s magnificent in every way. When a peacock dances, all its feathers spread out and look fabulous.

You can also bring home the peacock tealight candle holder and also give it as a return gift. This gift will be memorable for all! And no, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

#5 Rajasthani Elephant Umbrella Wall Hanging

Another beautiful gift you could opt for is the Rajasthani elephant umbrella wall hanging. It’s gorgeous in every way!

People can hang them in their houses or cars. It’s a versatile decor piece. We would recommend this return gift option to all.

Concluding Thoughts

If you want your guests to feel warm, happy, and included, consider getting return gifts for them. It doesn’t cost much to get small return gifts.

You can find an online store that sells these desi return gifts. You will find many more options on their eStore.

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