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Housewarming Rituals in India You Should Know

Flower Garlands Decoration

Living in the U.S. and purchasing your dream home can be an achievement for many Indians. But that does not mean you forget your roots. You have a proud Indian feeling inside you.

Considering you have purchased a house in America, you want to make it a joyous occasion and perform the Griha Pravesh rituals. The rituals are not very difficult to follow, especially now that you have access to Indian priests abroad. You can also opt for housewarming decorations Indian style in the USA.

Dive into this post as we have revealed the rituals to follow and perform the Griha Pravesh or housewarming effectively.

When is the Best Time To Perform Housewarming Rituals?

Speak to an Indian priest about the right date and time for the ceremony. The new house will bring peace and prosperity if you enter the space at the right time.

Choosing an auspicious day helps! It will help you attract more happiness and abundance in your house.

Decorate The House With Flower Garlands

Housewarming rituals in india you should know

Once you have selected the date and set up a priest for the pooja, you have to order flower garlands and other Indian housewarming decor items. Don’t forget to get pooja thalis and diyas to light up and deck up the space.

The pooja will be incomplete without a Lakshmi or Ganesha idol, so make sure you place an order for the idols too.

Vastu Shanti Pooja 

Whenever you purchase a new house or a building, Vaastu Shanti puja is a must. It will remove all the obstacles in the house and correct the ill effects of the vastu of the building. If you want more harmony and peace in the house, consider doing this pooja.

Lakshmi and Ganesha Pooja at the New House

Invite a few family friends and colleagues to the pooja. You can perform the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha pooja before entering the house. Offering prayers to them will help bring prosperity into the home, and it will also remove any obstacles.

Boiling Milk In The New House

Another ritual to perform is boiling milk. It is performed by the woman of the house. If the milk overflows, it will signify abundance of wealth and happiness. Most people perform this ritual. Regardless of where you are, make sure you ask the lady of the family to perform the ritual.

Sprinkling Holy Water In The House

Housewarming ceremonies are complete when the priest sprinkles holy water in every corner of the new house. Use water from sacred rivers. You could ask a relative to bring a little bit of Ganga water to perform the ceremony. It will remove negative energies from your new house.

Concluding Thoughts

Finally, you should offer some vegetarian food to your guests. This also includes mithais and fruits.

It’s time to work on an invitation and order the decor items from a legitimate site.

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