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Shoe Shaped Incense Stick Holder German Silver Stick Holder Agarbatti Dhoop Ash Catcher Fragrance Burner Mess Free Incense Burner Tray For Home Decor

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Key Features

  • Shoe-shaped Incense Holder - Adorable shoe-shaped incense holder. This incense holder is mainly made up of German silver, antique finish, durable, and environmentally friendly. The size of the stand is 4.5" L x 2" W with 1 piece per package.
  • Key Features - This incense holder contains an adorable and unique shoe shape design that not only helps keep your environment positively energized and pleasant but also looks gorgeous as a home decor accent, reduces stress, and improves sleep quality. It has a great and unique design to look good in your temple, home, living room, bookshelf, etc. It is mess-free and big enough to collect more ash. It helps the human body relax and enter the meditation position more easily.
  • Uses - This incense holder is widely used for collecting ash or incense residual. It can also be used as home decor, suitable for temples, living rooms, yoga rooms, etc. It also helps in purifying air, inspires your spiritual practice, relaxes the human body, reduces stress, and gives you a spiritual environment.
  • Application Specifics - It is a great product to decorate your home and burn incense, agarbatti, and dhoop cones. It has an aesthetic design with a shoe-shaped stand, and unique and antique designs, which provide a very cool look to your temple and home. You can replace the incense and candles with your favorite aromatherapy materials.
  • Use and Care - Clean frequently with a dry cloth to remove dust.


Incense holder with shoe design stand, unique and antique design to collect incense, agarbatti, and dhoop cone ashes and to purify the air. Suitable for your temples, living rooms, yoga rooms, etc. Great product to decorate your home and office. Shoe-shaped design incense holder which is widely used as an ash catcher for incense/agarbatti and dhoop cones. Secondly, you can also use it as home decor and can create a unique atmosphere of serenity. Cute peacock design incense holder provides peace, love, and harmony and brings your inner peace. Our shoe shape design Incense Holder is great to display on shelves, windowsills, and tables.

DIMENSION - 4.5" L x 2" W with 1 piece per package.

MATERIAL - Aluminum Silver antique finish.

IDEAL FOR - This is a beautiful and practical gift for your colleagues, family, or friends, on Christmas, New Year, anniversary or any other day you want to express love. You can light an incense stick during yoga and it will bring your inner peace.

USE & CARE - Clean frequently with a dry cloth to remove dust.

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