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Lohri - Festival - In USA

Lohri - Festival

Lohri Festival in USA with LoveNpire

Happy Lohri! It's time to rejoice in the festive warmth of Lohri as we celebrate the harvest season in North India. Lohri is an annual festival dedicated to fire, fertility, and prosperity. People gather to celebrate the joy of this harvest festival with friends and family.

Lohri celebration is always done with great enthusiasm. Although the celebrations are different in every region, some of the essential elements stay the same. Bonfires are lit up to honor the Sun gods and to ward off evil spirits. It is a popular custom to offer gur (jaggery) and til (sesame seeds) to the bonfire, which is also known as ‘lohri’ – the namesake of the festival.

The traditional lohri food is delectable that comprises raabdi, balushahis and other traditional Punjabi recipes, the highlight being the makki di roti and sarson ka saag. As part of the celebrations, people indulge in classic Punjabi folk songs and dance.

Lohri is all about making the celebrations special. As such, lohri decor includes two important elements - bright colors and decorative lanterns. Decorate your house with handmade paper stars and bright colorful streamers. Place traditional earthenware pots around the house, as they bring blessings of health, wealth and prosperity to everyone in the household.

Apart from the festivities, there is one more important tradition associated with lohri-Gifting! A wide range of gifting options are available - including kurtas, bangles, jewelry, traditional sweets and much more. You can shop online with ease and select your gifts which will be delivered right to your doorsteps on time. So don't forget to shop for your loved ones as you join in the festivities. Explore some options here link

All said and done, nothing beats the vibe of a grand lohri celebration and especially the sense of happiness it brings. So grab the chance to partake in this wonderful festival and make it even more special by being part of the joyful celebrations. Wishing you a very Happy Lohri!!

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