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7 Unique Indian Wedding Favors to Give Your Guests in USA

ndian Wedding Favors to Give Your Guests in USA


Weddings are joyous occasions with many festivities, and of course, Indian weddings are no exception! When it comes to planning the perfect Indian wedding, it’s essential to leave no stone unturned. One of the most important things to consider is wedding favors. Giving a wedding favor is a small gesture of gratitude that will make your guests feel appreciated and remembered. It’s a way to say thank you for sharing in this special day. Here we’ll discuss 7 unique Indian wedding favors to give your guests that they will never forget!

Traditional Indian Jewelry: 

There’s nothing quite like the timeless elegance of traditional Indian jewelry. From intricate necklaces to delicate earrings, your guests will love the thought you put into selecting beautiful pieces for them. Consider designs in spiritual motifs such as Ganesh or Om to add a deeper spiritual element to the wedding.

Candle Holders:

The ancient symbol of light, candles are used in many Indian ceremonies. Candle holders make for an ideal gift as they’re both beautiful and functional, perfect for either religious or decorative purposes. Choose candle holders with intricate designs such as lotus flowers to add a touch of spiritual energy to the home.

Indian Sweets in Ethnic Gift Boxes:

No Indian wedding is complete without sweets! Give your guests traditional Indian sweets in ethnic decorative boxes. Not only will they be sure to love the delicious treats, but they’ll also enjoy a beautiful reminder of this special day. Indian sweets include items such as Methai, Ladoo, peda, Barfi, etc. Please be sure to check on allergies.

Haldi-Kumkum boxes / Decorative Trays:

Haldi-kumkum is an important part of a traditional Indian wedding ceremony. Give your guests small boxes or trays filled with turmeric and haldi as symbols of love, health, and fertility. Decorative trays are also a great option to add a touch of style to the home. These are just some ideas for Indian wedding favors that will offer your guests practical and meaningful mementos of this special day. Be sure to pick something special that reflects the culture, religious beliefs, and values of the bride and groom. With these unique favors, your guests are sure to remember your wedding for years to come!

Indian Ethnic Home Decor souvenir:

Offer your guests a piece of India with home decor souvenirs such as showpieces, Decorative Bowls, Keyrings, Fridge Magnets Handmade statues, etc. These items will provide them with a beautiful reminder of the wedding while adding a touch of style to their homes. Pick items that feature traditional Indian symbols or intricate designs for an extra special touch.

Indian gift bags / Purses:

Give your guests something practical and stylish with Indian gift bags or purses. These items come in a variety of colors, designs, and fabrics for an extra special touch. Choose an array of traditional symbols such as paisley prints, elephants, or lotus motifs to add a festive look. Guests can use these bags for everyday purposes or store their wedding souvenirs inside them for years

Incenses sticks/holders:

Incense sticks and holders are a classic Indian wedding favor. Choose from exotic scents such as sandalwood or jasmine for an aromatic ambiance. You can wrap the incense in colorful wrappers for added decoration, and a gift card with your name on it is sure to make these favors even more special.

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Indian wedding favors are a great way to show your appreciation and thoughtfulness to your guests. From home decor souvenirs, gift bags, and incense sticks/holders to photo frames, jewelry boxes, and traditional sweets; there is something for everyone. Be sure to pick a favor that reflects the culture and beliefs of the bride and groom for an extra special touch!

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