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Sweet Home Decorative Key Holder And Jewelry Organiser With 5 Hooks Leash Holder Pill Wall Rack Entrance Elegance Housewarming Gift Wall Mounted Purse, Cap Holder

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Key Features

  • SWEETHOME KEYHOLDER - A beautifully crafted key holder with a sweet home design, made up of Wrought Iron with high quality Gold and black finish. Decorative key holder adds charm to your entryway or hallway, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home decor,keeps your keys neatly organized and easily accessible with multiple hooks on the key holder. Made from high-quality materials like sturdy Wrought Iron, this key holder ensures long-lasting durability, safe and secure.
  • KEY FEATURES - Aesthetic key holder for wall decoration suitable for indoor, living room, entryway, kitchen, bathroom, studyroom, bedroom, perfect for any home or office decor. It not only helps in hanging keys but also other everyday essentials including leashes, scarves, purses and belts.With simple installation instructions and included hardware, mounting this key holder on your wall is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy its benefits right away.
  • USES - The primary function of a key holder is to keep keys organized and easily accessible. By having designated hooks for keys, you eliminate the frustration of searching for misplaced keys when you're in a hurry.Key holders often feature decorative elements, such as a sweet home design, that add aesthetic appeal to your entryway or hallway. Decorative key holders are the best gift for your loved ones.
  • APPLICATION SPECIFICS - Not just for keys, this holder can also accommodate other small items like hats, umbrellas, or dog leashes, making it a versatile organizational accessory for any household.Right size to avoid taking up too much space in the home. This key holder has a total of 5 hooks, more than others.Expansion nails need to be drilled in the wall, but it will make your keys holder stronger. Having a designated spot for keys, you reduce the risk of misplacing them.
  • USE AND CARE INSTRUCTIONS - Clean the key holder regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust.


Organize your keys and accessories elegantly with our Sweet Home key holder. Made with durable Wrought Iron and a luxurious gold and black finish, this holder features 5 hooks to securely hang your keys and streamline your daily routine. Say goodbye to misplaced keys and elevate your home decor with this functional and stylish piece.

Each pack contains 1 key holder

MATERIAL:- Wrought Iron with high-quality Gold and black finish.

DIMENSIONS:- 2 Inches Tall, 6.5 Inches Wide

IDEAL FOR:- Key holders help keep house keys organized and readily accessible for family members, ensuring smooth entry and exit from the home. Key holders are useful in public spaces like gyms, community centers, or schools, where multiple keys need to be managed and accessed by different individuals. Decorative key holders are the best gift for your loved ones.

USE AND CARE INSTRUCTION:- Clean the key holder regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust.

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